The art of gratitude

I’m a big fan of birthday’s… in fact, they’ve always been my favourite thing to celebrate. Birthday’s represent significant beginnings (from the moment you take your very first breath and every milestone and achievement you experience thereafter). As such, I’ve always used my birthday as a time to reflect on the past, reassess my priorities in the present, and strategize for the future. This year, however, I’d like to dedicate my birthday post to the incredible people in my life because today is as much about them as it is about me.

To my friends (the family I chose for myself) –

You challenge me to be the light in my darkest moments; and because of you, I know what happiness looks like, feels like, tastes like, and sounds like. You inspire me to live a life worth remembering and I am so grateful that you trust me enough to join me on this unpredictable ride. 

To my family – 

You’ve taught me the importance of self-love; to be selective when giving my energy to others; to only keep the people in my life that have proven they deserve to be there; how to prioritize myself without being selfish; and to give my all and love unconditionally without losing my identity.

You’ve taught me the importance of self-confidence; which has subsequently led to my often-envied ability to walk into a room full of strangers and conquer it.

You’ve taught me the importance of human connection and inspired me to be open-minded, empathetic and kind; to give back when I can (no matter how small or insignificant the gesture may seem); and to be the good I want to see in the world.

You’ve constantly encouraged me to be the greatest version of myself (and supported me whenever I’ve fallen short). You’ve taught me to be bold, daring, and free-spirited; to never settle; that anything is achievable (once I’ve made the decision to go for it); and to fearlessly chase my dreams.

You make me stronger, smarter, and better every single day; I am who I am because of you, so thank you for loving me the way that you do. 

Till next time! xo

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