I was always happy. Until I wasn’t. In 2010, I went through ‘losing a family member / post graduation not knowing what to do with my life’ depression. For almost two years I struggled to find the life balance that so many other people seemed to have mastered the art of.

I eventually made a decision – I could either keep worrying about what I thought I was supposed to be doing or I could enjoy each and every moment of my day-to-day life. I chose option 2 and make a conscious effort to wake up and be happy every morning. There are obviously good days and bad days, but even on the bad days, I am grateful for the experience of learning a new lesson.

  • Lover of sunshine, all things music, and a classic negroni.
  • Always looking to explore new cultures, experiences and ideas.
  • Happiest on a beach.
  • Current location: Dubai, U.A.E.