The art of trusting

There’s been a lot of chatter regarding my last blog post so please treat this as a continuation piece.

I get it, you all have questions –

  1. Who is Mr Nike Store?
  2. Why don’t you seem to have trust issues?

Let’s talk about trust (and not talk about my avoidance of the very popular question #1 – lol).

Trust exists in various forms depending on the nature of your relationship with another individual (family vs. friends vs. acquaintances vs. romantic partnerships); but the common theme across the board is that it exists when two people are confident in the strength and reliability of the bond they share.

Now here’s the mistake we make (and we’re all guilty of doing it) –

We determine whether or not we can trust another human based on that person’s ability to prove to us that they are trustworthy

Whenever I look back at moments in my life where I had trust issues (for lack of a better phrase), I realize now that I essentially gave them to myself. The inner conflict and anxiety that I experienced was solely based on the frustration I felt because someone else wasn’t doing what I expected them to do in order to gain my trust.

This approach is fundamentally wrong.

We cannot accurately evaluate the potential of an authentic human connection if we’ve predetermined what it’s worth; but, we can be open to experiences, give people chances, pay attention to patterns of behaviour, listen to our hearts, and act on what we inherently know.

Trust that you will make the right decision when letting someone into your life; trust that you can walk away from a disappointing situation and be okay; trust that if shit doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, it’s not because you didn’t try or did something wrong.

It is impossible for our souls to ever be at peace if we continue to seek validation outside of ourselves. It is far more reasonable to trust in your own decisions and put the faith and certainty (you’ve been searching for elsewhere) in yourself.

Till next time! xo

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