Birds of a feather

When I made the decision to come to Dubai there was one specific friend I knew I had to talk to before discussing it without anyone else. Not only is he quite possibly the most likeminded/adventurous friend of mine; but he’s also the person who always seems to have the right answers when I need to bounce some big life questions off of someone.

The best advice he gave me was: “be open to all possibilities for growth and learn as much as possible from everyone you interact with.” As a result, he suggested that I live with someone I didn’t know instead of staying with one of my friends. At first I was super hesitant to live with a stranger off Airbnb but he explained that my friends would show me things they know I liked rather than showing me things outside of what I know. He was obviously right (as he tends to be).

Of all the people I’ve met over the last 3 weeks, Gabriel is my unicorn friend (and first Swedish friend). We’re very similar people in terms of what we studied in university; our obsession with travel; our views on the world; and even our love of lists and bullet points. *wink*

It’s quite rare to meet a person who genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of others and he does it on a daily basis – it’s hugely inspiring! He has taught me so much about this city over our routine late night life chats; takes unbelievably great care of me (brings me granola in bed when I’ve partied too hard); patiently listens and offers advice about everything from job interviews to boys to food to whether or not to go out on a Friday night (his encouraging answer always seems to be yes in case you’re wondering lol).

Thank you for being the best and my most favourite part of Dubai. Can’t wait for all the travel adventures to come. First up: Oman!

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  1. Lisa Zeiler says:

    Oh? That’s how it is eh?


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