Get out of your own way

So an astounding number of people have been reading these posts and sending me messages. These messages fall into three categories:

  1. the “wow you’re so brave, I wish I could do that” messages.
  2. the “why on earth would you move to the Middle East” messages.
  3. the “how on earth are you affording this” messages.

Firstly, you can do this too! The toughest decision is simply making the decision to do it. If you ask my close friends, I am absolutely the type of girl who often wallows in indecision. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past weighing pros and cons and trying to overanalyze my choices to ensure the best possible outcome for myself. You know what’s worse than a mediocre outcome? No outcome at all. Life is unpredictable and you can never really predetermine a result. Don’t think, just know and commit.

Secondly, Dubai is one of the most interesting and fascinating places I’ve been to. Sure the culture is different, but I’ve lived in many places where the culture is different. It is also the safest place I’ve ever lived in. There is virtually no crime here. The great thing about a conservative society is that people don’t just abide by the rules, people also have the utmost respect for the rules.

Finally, yes Dubai is an expensive place to live but so is Toronto. Other than housing, the cost of everything else has been significantly cheaper here. Furthermore, I left a city with incredibly high taxes for a city with no taxes. I literally just swapped cities and am living on the same monthly budget I live on in Toronto. I’m not an unnecessarily extravagant person in Toronto and I’m not unnecessarily extravagant here. It all depends on how smart you choose to be with your money.

There really is no time like right now. If you are in an industry that allows you to get up go then get up and go! And even if you aren’t and you’ve just been wanting to take a big trip – then take the trip. The only thing that is certain in life is that we are born and we eventually cease to exist. How you choose to live from point A to B is on you. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole new adventure to gain.

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