Ever since I left the city

It’s been awhile since my last post – I’ve been a little off the grid. There’s so much to do and see and discover. And in the few moments where I actually do have time to myself to sit down and write, there’s this overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start because there’s so much I could tell you about.

Each day is like starting a new book and being completely unable to put it down until you’ve finished it and absorbed everything. Living here is like starting a new relationship. Except it’s serious right away because you’re dealing with it every day. There are countless moments that have taken my breath away. And as is true in any relationship, sometimes you just need to hold those moments close to your heart in lieu of over sharing and potentially ruining the significance of it.

The obvious thing I really do need to mention, however, is my trip to Abu Dhabi. If you are ever planning to come to the UAE, I strongly recommend you visit the Sheikh Zayed mosque (regardless of what or who you believe in; or don’t believe in) – especially in time for the sunset. The only word to describe it is majestic. Visiting the mosque was one of the greatest moments of my life. There was this indescribable feeling of overwhelming peace just being there. And despite the massive crowd it was easy to get away at certain points to be alone with your thoughts.

My favourite thing about Dubai this week is Souk al Bahar (where I’m currently staying because my apartment wasn’t ready and a friend of mine was nice enough to give me his place while he’s in Toronto). The building is in the middle of the Burj Lake and is surrounded by everything that makes Dubai a metropolitan city – the Dubai mall, the Burj Khalifa, countless restaurants and luxury hotels, etc. However, Souk al Bahar is an oasis in the midst of it all. Its design is traditional and feels authentic as far as middle eastern buildings go (I imagine). Everything about it is tranquil and rejuvenating which is really nice since life is so busy outside of these walls. And the sun is never blocked by the surrounding buildings which is really important for my tan game! *wink*

In other news, this week is going to be even busier than last week. I finally get to move in to my new place this week (appropriately named the Princess Tower because you know I dig being the most cliché person in the world sometimes). After 11 years of friendship (and talking about it for years), Lindsey and I are finally going to live together so that’s super exciting for us! 🙂 It’s massive,  so we have room for visitors – *hint hint* you guys know who you are.

In addition to the chaos of moving, Gabriel has 8 friends visiting from Sweden and we’re going to Oman! *insert the most excited emoji possible here* We’re going snorkeling all day on Thursday (apparently Oman is spectacular for snorkelling in case you didn’t know – I didn’t until now, lol) so send your prayers to the weather Gods that it stays warm for me – you know how I feel about being cold.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories after Oman and will try to update you all this weekend. I love and miss you all tremendously! (PS: someone please make sure my brother hasn’t given my cat away!) Till next time… xo!

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