What’s that, FACTS?!

It probably took the average person less than two minutes to read my last post (which was really a top level summary of the last 365 days of my life); and it was recently brought to my attention that a few people have taken great offence to that specific post.

FYI, this will be the one and only time I address this and if we haven’t been in touch in 2018, don’t get it twisted – you can’t begin to know me or what I’ve been through from that one post. So please, read this blog a few times before you deep dive into it and presume to know me.

Fact #1:

If your takeaway was that it was written as an attack, congrats! In addition to completely misreading my words and misconstruing my intentions, you also missed the part about me dealing with health stuff (and for the record I don’t need your pity or support, my only point is that you’re delusional if you thought the post was about anyone other than ME!). So, to the people ballsy enough to approach my family or friends to discuss my blog and whether or not it’s appropriate (rather than approaching me), this is your post; this is the attack.

Fact #2:

Whenever I’ve hit an uncertain transitional period in my life, writing has helped me get through it. It’s a technique I use to clear my mind, identify, and conquer some of my personal challenges. If I leave my thoughts in my head, it’s like a never-ending cyclone of self-doubt and recklessness; but once I get it out, it’s a release and I’m able to let it go and move on. At times it’s raw and very direct, but by no means is it dishonest.

Fact #3:

There’s an indescribable sense of calm that comes with being transparent about who I am as a person, and at the end of the day I have nothing to hide. I publish SOME of the things I write because it’s one of the ways by which I hold myself accountable. If you’re bothered by it, feel free to unfollow and unfriend.

Fact #4:

Some of you will love me (and MY blog) and some of you will hate me. Either way, I’m okay with it, because at the end of the day I’ve made you feel something.

Thanks for the clicks, y’all!

Till next time! Xo

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