Mind of mine

My writer’s block manifests itself in many ways which is why I’ve noticeably neglected this blog for the past 10+ months. It definitely has a mind of its own but almost always rears its ugly head when I’m either too busy to channel my thoughts, or too stressed out by my day-to-day responsibilities to be completely confident in the words I’d put in front of you.

So what’s been going on in Princessa-land…?

HOMECOMING: I officially packed up my life in Dubai and moved home this summer, and as you can imagine I was terrified to do so. Dubai gave me SO much and I was 100% certain that Toronto wouldn’t be enough for me anymore. I couldn’t fathom being content with the routine we all know and love-to-hate in #the6ix (hello maturity?! #adulthood?). Want to know what I underestimated in this equation? Myself. Toronto is different (in a good way) because I am different (in a good way).

LOSS: One word – Marley. He genuinely made me a better human and I will miss him forever. (I wish I could write more but this still makes me cry…)

LOVE: One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt this year is that those who love us most feel our pain worst. Not everyone will stick around for the hard times so if you’re lucky enough to have someone in your corner who never gives up on you, be f*cking grateful. I cannot stress how important it is to acknowledge and be mindful of this – unconditional love is not easy to come by.

FAMILY: As strange as this may sound, I never realized just how much I missed my family until I moved home. Missing them while I was away was a matter of proximity; moving home and realizing just how many moments and memories I was absent for was gut-wrenching, but it makes our current time together that much more special.

Till next time! xo

Quite a few of you sent messages to check-in and some of you continued to visit the Facebook page and site almost daily (yes, I check every notification). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for waiting it out with me. And please know that as tumultuous as life has been lately it’s ultimately led to me having more passion, stability, and purpose as I look toward the future.

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