Closing Chapter 2015

It has always been extremely important to me to gain as much knowledge as possible from experiences in my life. A few months ago, however, I realized that many of the life experiences I identified as positive and true were almost inauthentic as a result of me pre-determining (I’m a planner by nature) them to be something that should have a significant impact on me as an individual. Essentially, I was so concerned with ensuring that the potential impact was significant and profound that in reality it was unlikely to have any actual impact at all. This realization was eye opening and pretty much forced me to analyze things about my character which can only be described as flaws I need to work on.

I decided that my birthday (November 1st) would mark the beginning of me being more spontaneous about my experiences and not feeling the need to control each moment and situation that came my way. In order to keep things consistent, I decided that it was mandatory for me to say yes to anything asked of me by close friends and family members.

I can honestly say that I have had the most exciting 51 days of my life! The process of saying yes to everything has opened a door leading to endless possibilities. I danced till my feet hurt; I lost my voice at concerts; I worked out more; I booked one way plane tickets to new places; I took a homeless man to a restaurant for a meal; I dated a guy without having any expectations of him (stay tuned for a post completely dedicated to this topic, lol); I became a better friend to the friends who unconditionally love me; I laughed till I cried; I cried till I laughed; I spent more time with my family; and last but not least, I didn’t plan any of it. I threw myself into a “whatever should be, will be” state-of-mind and let the universe take control and I enjoyed every single liberating second of it!

“Laugh until you can’t breathe; love until you can’t bleed.”

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  1. vinneve says:

    A bit scary for me to say “yes” all the time haha! Good on you at least you tried and had fun.


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