Many people believe that choosing to be alone is cause for concern; and without a doubt, companionship and the process of giving and receiving love is one of the most necessary things in life. However, over the last few years I have firmly believed that I would rather be alone than be in a relationship that was mediocre in nature.

Since childhood, my parents have continuously drilled into my head that the second worst thing one could ever do is settle; and, the absolute worst thing one could do is lose themselves in another person. Imagine my surprise when a year ago I realized that was exactly what I had done.

There’s a thing line between wanting to be someone’s everything, and actually giving someone everything. Neither of those are healthy – I had done both. I vividly remember a weekend when because HE was having a rough time in HIS life, I dropped everything I had planned (work, brunch with friends, etc.) to devote 48 hours to making him feel better. It seemed romantic at the time but after months of giving and giving and never receiving it’s not hard to figure out that when I had nothing left to give, he quite easily walked away from the shell of a human I had become.

For a long time I was shattered beyond belief; and disappointed that I failed to protect my own heart as I fiercely fought to mend his. Then came the anger; not even anger at the fact that it had failed. I was angry that the solitude that used to make me feel strong and empowered (since it was my choice), had become an everyday reminder of the loss of (who I thought was) my soulmate.

How do I feel now? These days, I’m definitely more guarded with who I give my affection to; sometimes I have even have those “what if?” moments; but I have realized that tears should not be shed for those whom are undeserving.

Solitude – “a state of seclusion or isolation.”

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  1. Anand says:

    There are takers and givers. Takers always gravitate towards givers because they can’t exist without taking. Givers don’t figure it out until they are hurt, and when they do they become cautious. They change. Takers remain what they were. Givers would be happier being what they were too – the caution must be exercised in selecting who they should be giving to. You’ll be wiser – and you should be, but don’t stop being yourself.

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    1. Princessa says:

      You are so wise! Thank you!

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      1. Anand says:

        Not wise, just an observer of human behavior.


  2. YvoCaro says:

    Great writing, straight from the heart. I know it won’t seem this way now, but there will come a time when you can be grateful that you can be yourself again. And you emerge stronger then you have ever been.


    1. Princessa says:

      Thank you! It is absolutely true – stronger and wiser! 🙂


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